South East Asia: The hackers’ battleship to attack the world


Cybercrime ranks among the top 5 risks of doing business in South East Asia (SEA). Rapidly growing connectivity and the accelerating pace of digital transformation make this region particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. The weak regulations and enforcements by authorities, as well as the low cyber awareness and security investments among corporations make SEA ideal to be exploited by hackers. Consequently, there has been a rising amount of cyber attacks, specifically in Thailand. Almost 40 percent of SET-listed companies were victims of fraud resulting from cyber attacks in 2016, mostly caused by external hackers.

However, many corporations fail to see, that the direct damages caused by these attacks are only part of the picture. A risk which is overlooked by most companies, is that their infrastructure can be misused to launch attacks against third parties. The abundance of vulnerabilities in companies located in SEA, make it an extremely convenient region for hackers to infiltrate corporations and launch attacks. The trails of these attacks lead back to innocent companies, which may cause detrimental business interruptions due to forensic investigations or worse. Strong cyber defense capabilities are essential, to protect your company against these risks.


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Nadine Kaven