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Global Experts.

22kN is specialized in Cyber Defense and Intelligence Services. Our teams are comprised of expert cyber analysts, hunters, forensic and intelligence specialists.


Exceptional Cyber Solutions.

Our mission is to be the most trusted S.O.C. as a Service provider, building world class cyber security capabilities for companies around the globe.


A Solid Base.

Transparancy, integrity and loyalty are the foundation for all our actions. Our customers rely on our deep industry knowledge and expertise.


You can not fight

the Unknown.


You need


The ultimate way to mitigate cyber risk is to essentially raise the transparency in your digitalised communications.
— Anonymous

The Solution:

22kN's Expert Security Operations Center

  • Our S.O.C. is the ultimate solution to create transparency across the digital environment of your business.

  • Our analysts, hunters and forensic specialists monitor and protect your networks on a 24/7 basis.

  • We defend your business against all kinds of cyber threats at the highest level.

  • Knowing that nothing will ever be 100% safe, you can rest assured: Our world-class experts are constantly at your side to contain and remediate threats and damages.



International Team of Experts

Our set up consists of local expert analysts and a world class team of cyber professionals.


Matthias Juergens


Lukas Mueller

Part of the reason why cybersecurity continues to be so hard is because the threat is not a bunch of tanks rolling at you but a whole bunch of systems that may be vulnerable to a worm getting in there.

It means that we’ve got to think differently about our security, make different investments that may not be as sexy but may actually end up being as important as anything.