S.O.C. as a Service


24/7 Expert Security Operations Center


Our expert S.O.C. offers a 4-Tier Support, driven by experienced world class cyber analysts, hunters, forensics and intelligence specialists.

This set-up allows us to identify and remediate even the most complex threats. We understand that every business is different, that is why we build cybersecurity capabilities tailored to your company.


We provide cybersecurity capabilities to your company which enable the

  • detection,

  • analysis and

  • remediation

of cybersecurity and IT threats.



CYREBRO, powered by CyberHat, is a unique, technology agnostic and expert based managed S.O.C. as a service. CYREBRO provides a straightforward world class S.O.C. as a service, in the most effective and practical manner through an attacker's point of view. The team is comprised of Israel's most experienced hackers, defenders and intelligence analysts with extensive field experience in all cyber defense domains.



S.O.C. – five Key Capabilities.



Real-time analysis of events and alerts that are received by the client’s detection systems and the process of effective and focused threat identification.




24/7 monitoring and surveying of the client’s relevant systems, in order to identify and isolate malicious or unauthorized activities.




Unique form of intelligence information collection from the indexed web, the deep-web and the dark-net.




The process of eliminating the threat and enabling the organization to return to full business functionality in the most timely and cost effective manner.



Providing an immediate and appropriate response according to incident type.


Set Up

We set up the S.O.C. in three steps – tailored to your company.



Cyber Assessment

Local assessment of the client's processes and infrastructure by studying and mapping out the organization's workflows, business constraints and network topology.




Initiation of Monitoring

Hardening the systems and installing sensors at the critical nodes. Improving the efficiency and quality of incident detection by in-depth business analysis and identification of key point assets in the organization and IT infrastructure.




Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

Full ongoing monitoring of all key point assets. Continuous optimization of incident detection and remediation as well as ongoing threat intelligence.



Simplified S.O.C. Strategy and Structure.


Our S.O.C. is set up in four different Tiers:

Tier 1 - 2

manages the monitoring and alerting level, which consists of local expert analysts and incident responders, in order to communicate effectively with our clients.

Tier 3 - 4

manages containment and remediation, made up of an international world class team of cyber professionals.


World Class Experts plus Local Competence.