What is a S.O.C. as a Service?


A Security Operations Center (S.O.C.) is a team of cyber experts responsible for monitoring and analyzing cyber security incidents on the one hand and executing remediations and forensics on the other. A S.O.C.’s goal is to detect, analyze and respond to cyber incidents using a combination of technological solutions such as SIEMs, processes and cyber intelligence findings.

Security operations centers typically divide themselves into two groups: commodity and expert S.O.C.s. While commodity S.O.C.s follow a 'plug and play' strategy, the expert S.O.C. focuses on the organizational specifics and implements complex strategies such as the 'hacker's point of view' approach.

A S.O.C. as a service team covers all objectives of a S.O.C. for a third party. This outsourced unit works closely together with the organizational incident response teams to ensure security gaps are addressed quickly upon discovery.

22kN's approach to deliver an expert S.O.C. as a service worldwide is unique, as our set-up includes world class cyber professionals from Israel and the USA collaborating with expert local teams which are in the vicinity of our clients 24/7/365.

How to set up a S.O.C. with 22kN

Nadine Kaven