How does 22kN set up a S.O.C. for your company?


22kN's mission is to provide your company with an Expert Security Operations Center (S.O.C.), focused on the organizational specifics and implementing complex strategies such as the 'hacker's point of view' approach.

You can not fight the unknown.

To understand your company in detail, we take our time to analyse every aspect in form of a cyber assessment. This includes hacking simulations, which examine how potential attackers could exploit the organization’s existing gaps throughout the different attack vectors.

You need Transparency.

When we are confident that we have accounted for all relevant factors and identified all potential vulnerabilities, we set up sensors at critical nodes in your networks to create visibility and enable monitoring capabilities.  After a successful setup, we aim to optimize the detection of threats and the monitoring itself. 

The Solution.

The result of this extensive process, is a fully functional expert S.O.C, contributing a vast range of capabilities to your company, enabling the detection, remediation and containment of cybersecurity incidents.


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Nadine Kaven22kN